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welcome to Your Technology coach and trainer

I'm an expert in working with non-tech focused business owners. The technology your business uses should be accessible from anywhere, easy to use, and easy to learn. If you are looking for new software, a way to visualize effectiveness, or wanting to improve daily operations I can help. Your time is more valuable than reading countless user manuals to figure out the technology your business needs.

Training and Documentation

I provide everything that you need so that the changes you make in your business go smoothly and training can be reliably and effectively duplicated with each new hire.

I will create personalized:
* Written Documentation
* Training Videos
* In Person Classes

At the end of the day the best software and processes are still going to need highly educated users.


Tools for your business

Easy to learn, Easy to use, Best in class

Slack - the collaboration Hub for your business

People Communicating Effectively

The workplace standard for collaboration has changed.
It's time to step up your team's productivity by having a centralized area where your team communications and tools all work together.

  • Specialized channels to keep topics and conversations organized
    Each business is organized differently and needs places to collaborate that are specific for them. Let's identify your communication channels and create spaces for effective work to get done.
  • Integrations for all your apps
    Every team has many tools they use daily. From the CRM, Documents, Marketing, Analytics, HR, Spreadsheets, Accounting to everything in between with Slack we can make sure their tools feed into their workflow. Your teams can keep working without the hassle of switching to other tools for information.
  • Training for the whole team
    Complete buy-in from the whole team is necessary to make any project work. A specialized training plan will get everyone proficient. When I'm done your whole team will know how it will improve their daily workflows and save time.

Pipedrive - The tool that Sales teams actually want to use

Sales teams hate doing anything other than making sales.
So let them use the tool that makes it as easy as possible to help them do exactly that.

  • Actionable statistics
    Easily understand where you get the most profitable leads. Know how many contacts you need to make for that next sale. Find out what makes sales easier for your team.
  • Personalized documentation
    A personalized user manual for navigating through your process in the software. Easily train new sales team members!
  • On the go software
    Pipedrive has an incredible mobile app to access your leads, take notes and make calls quickly from wherever they need to be.

Zapier - Automation for your repetitive tasks

Gears of Business Process

Once you have your daily, weekly and monthly routines all figured out for your teams the next step for productivity is automation.

This includes repetitive tasks that require taking data from one app to the next. It could be actions that you want to happen inside the tools that don't have this kind of functionality.

Automation for your tools is your competitive advantage.

Using Zapier we can make those tasks effortless and free up valuable time to do more creative work.


Calendly - Make appointment setting easy

Setting appointments should be the easiest thing you do in your business.
Calendly makes that process as simple as sending a link.

We can use it to:
* Send reminder text messages, emails, and phone notifications
* Automatically add new events to your calendar
* Collect payment for setting appointments (Great for freelancers!)
* Create ease of mind with hands off rescheduling

I've learned the best practices for setting up this great tool. Let's talk about how you can take back your time and never have that back and forth email chain again.