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Finding the Sticking Points through Process discovery

I help small business owners take the pain and stress out of their every day work.

  • Is your company having difficulty keeping up with communication channels?
    We can find the solution.
  • Don't have the right analytics to see how effective your sales force is?
    We can find the solution.
  • Need a way to minimize the hours your employees are spending doing repetitive tasks?
    We can find the solution.

What is Process Discovery?

It's the fundamental way to see your business from an efficiency perspective.

Process Discovery Cycle

Every business has processes (documented or otherwise) for the 6 areas of business:

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Customer Retention

Mapping out the activities, roles and tools is a delicate balance between viewing from the 30,000 foot view of your business and the minutia of a step by step guide for the process. Doing so will show you where those sticking points are.

LETS work together ❯

How can I help YOU?

Training and Documentation For everything

No implementation project is successful without engaging training, personalized manuals and effectiveness checkins.

Get some piece of mind after you've identified that you need new software and gone through the process of selecting the best replacement.

Everything that you need make sure that the roll out goes smoothly.

Because at the end of the day the best software is still going to need educated users.


Internal Communication made easy

The workplace standard has changed.
I can streamline the communication channels in your business so everyone knows exactly what they need, as they need it.

  • Specialized channels to keep topics and teams organized
    Each business is organized differently and needs places to collaborate that are specific for them. Let me identify your communication channels and create spaces for effective work to get done.
  • Integrations for more functionality
    Every team has multiple tools they use. I'll make sure they are feeding directly into your workflow. You can keep working without the hassle of looking somewhere else for information.
  • Training for the whole team
    Complete buy-in from the whole team is necessary to make any project work. I train everyone who will be using your new communication tool. When I'm done your whole team will know how it will improve their daily workflows and save time.
People Communicating Effectively

Business Process Management

Gears of Business Process

Creating a complete workflow from sale to delivery is laborious. Thankfully you've already done that! It's a complex process that requires passing back and forth documents, approvals and revisions. All while keeping track of what the next step is for each project. Easy right?

Let me take that amazing process you've developed and automate it.

Spend more time on the work you need to get done instead of how you are supposed to do it. BPM software systems help companies with complex internal systems easily move from step to step.


CRM for everyone

Get your sales system down to a science. No matter if it's just you or a multi-tiered sales force I can help you understand the actions that mean the most to your bottom line.

  • Actionable statistics
    Easily understand where you get the most profitable leads. Know how many contacts you need to make for that next sale. Understand who's your hardest working salesperson.
  • Personalized documentation
    A personalized user manual for navigating through your process in the software. Easily train new sales people!
  • On the go software
    Every CRM will have a mobile app to access your leads from wherever you need to be.